The Artist Is Online &

We are beyond proud&happy to be participating in The Artist Is Online Exhibition (starting Apr 2, 2016 19:00) with our collaborative work:

Pivilion test run#2 : ~ interpretations ~
telehosted concept test;
a performative P2P processual demonstration.

< pivilionumi6b3kg.onion >

For the event we had organized a live performance of collaborative image remixing, which resulted in a Pivilion image gallery being built on-location by our guests artists.
Our methodology was inspired by our group work earlier being done in EG:

Exquisite Glitch is an ephemeral collective|concept by artists, programmers, collaborators, moderators, bots, initiators, … Constructed on the premise of Exquisite Corpse game, it forms communities in which every individual creates a fragment of a common work, without having the insight into the whole of it. E/G’s techniques are of a mixed nature of computer and digital cultural creation, aiming to organically develop new, contemporary methods of collaborative digital art and commons experiments of a constantly fresh logic and aesthetic.


The real-time collaborative media reinterpretation performance was documented in a web gallery and an archive has been submitted to the project, as for the performance we have utilized an image from its’ collection (“The Poet” by Man Ray).

Participants: Aleksandra Pieńkosz, Asymetr, Domenico Barra, Dragana Dimitrijević, Flávio Carvalho, j3d1n4, Mauro Caldas, pirate sheep, Tomasz Sulej, Tú.ùk’z, v3d, …

Poopative Commons