Pivilion collaboration: grey) (area x Format C

2021 – (ongoing)
St. Mark’s square, Korčula, Croatia

We are proud Pivilion is part of a curatorial collaboration of exhibitions curated by the grey) (area Association for contemporary and media art and our Format C artist organization.

Events (in chronological order):

AUDIUM research

Mar 21 2021 – Dec 21 2021
ONLINE & Zagreb

The “Autonomous {digital | network} Art” artistic research has spanned the theoretical, multimedia and technical capabilities of digital and network art practices independence of existing physical energy and informational infrastructures – aiming to reduce the digital divide, and the general ecological footprint of new media art.

Our research was centered around our general Pivilion endeavour to radically decentralise digital work, and informed by our Paradigmenwechsel AiR Fellowship.

We invite everyone interested in digital art – to participate in the following open anonymous survey about digital art autonomy in the crossection of computing, ecology and visual art:


More info @ https://formatc.hr/audium-2021/

Project repo @ https://scan.wiki/shelves/audium


#pivilion_dot_net @ The Wrong 2021-2022

Nov 1 2021 – Mar 1 2022
ONLINE & Croatia

We are happy to invite you to join our collaborative distributed IRL/URL/darknet pavilion/embassy organized by Format C & Hacklab01 @ The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale.

Over the span of 4 months we will be supporting and hosting a number of web work and collections, focused on Croatian and international digital art. The galleries will be shown as a darknet-based exhibition, and as a series of distributed AFK WiFi installs, available in a number of Croatian cities.

Info & participation @ https://formatc.hr/pivilion-2021-22/

Gallery (available via Tor) @ http://pivilionm4ymic2y3c3skywpbpnjhonbmjdfltyaxnnmok22bbtw5qad.onion/

Pivilion & Kožarić digital @ MSU 2021

Nov 30, 2021
MSU, Zagreb (Croatia)

We are excited to share our project pivilion.net was awarded the *best digital artwork* prize among the ~100 applications in two categories of the new “IVAN KOŽARIĆ” young artists support programme by the Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb x City of Zagreb. ✨

(jury statement)

“U vrijeme neizbrisivog pamćenja digitalnih zapisa, terora cookiesa i kirurški precizne predikcije korisničkih preferencija pomoću marketinških Internet alata, projekt je ponuđena platforma koja pomoću dark weba i otvorenog koda pruža mogućnost stvaranja i izlaganja umjetničkih djela bez korporativne i institucionalne kontrole. Dostupan svima, „Pivilion“ je živo tkivo koje umjetnicima pruža dragocjeni prostor slobode.”

More @ http://www.msu.hr/clanci/pobjednici-natjecaja-za-mlade-umjetnike-ivan-kozaric/97.html

Notes on Autonomy @ ParadigmShifts 2021 Art & Worklab

Aug 25-29, 2021
mur.at, Graz (Austria)

In 2021 we are conducting a series of research productions projecting autonomy of network art to find if/how digital art can be independent from institutional and/or corporate physical infrastructures (e.g. off-grid, powered by renewables, recycled hardware, automated content, etc.). In the context of recent digital centralization and the increasingly corporate Internet, we are looking to indicate and promote new methods of radical, engaged and decentralized instances of art-work as a plethora of active, critical and ethical actions in the wider digital ecosystem.

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#pivilion_dot_net @ Prozori Gallery

Apr 28th 2021 – May 19th 2021
GALERIJA PROZORI, Zapoljska 1, Zagreb

The #pivilion_dot_net install at the Prozori Gallery is a group exhibition of recent Croatian digital art shown via Pivilion infrastructure. The system is installed as a spatial installation of server sculptures that transmits a WiFi network which visitors can access and view digital artworks by using their personal smart device

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#pivilion_dot_net @ Booksa

Sep 8th 2020 – Dec 31st 2020
BOOKSA LITERARY CLUB, Martićeva 14d, Zagreb

#pivilion_dot_net is a collective digital art exhibition built on top of Pivilion – a network infrastructure project for new media art decentralization. The exhibition is initiated by the Format C artist organization, developed by hacklab01 and has been shown at The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale [2019-20] as well as a local web-based installation at the SCHEIER Centre [Čakovec, 2019].

In 2020 the exhibition is installed as a local wireless network access point, at the Booksa Club [Zagreb, Croatia]. To visit this digital gallery space, one only needs to connect their device to the “pivilion” WiFi network.

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