Notes on Autonomy @ ParadigmShifts 2021 Art & Worklab

Aug 25-29, 2021, Graz (Austria)

In 2021 we are conducting a series of research productions projecting autonomy of network art to find if/how digital art can be independent from institutional and/or corporate physical infrastructures (e.g. off-grid, powered by renewables, recycled hardware, automated content, etc.). In the context of recent digital centralization and the increasingly corporate Internet, we are looking to indicate and promote new methods of radical, engaged and decentralized instances of art-work as a plethora of active, critical and ethical actions in the wider digital ecosystem.

Our current Work In Progress project is compiling an open-ended open access FLOSS-based automated artist book about digital projects aiming to radically reduce, optimize or even circumvent traditional and physical art dependencies, methodologically interleaved with our existing infrastructure project Pivilion.

Poopative Commons