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Pivilion is a decentralizing open source darknet web server project and gallery management software for the creation of autonomous & uncensored digital media art online galleries. It runs on low cost Raspberry Pi hardware and is built on top of Raspbian GNU/Linux with a server and Tor networking built in, utilizing the Tor network to host exhibitions out of the box.

Each Pivilion device receives a Tor onion domain automatically the first time it’s activated. The system provides the user with a CMS for publishing multimedia or websites within a gallery. It’s designed so that the author-curator can use any network (even public networks behind firewalls) to host an online exhibition.

Pivilion is primarily a long-term, open-ended new media art project propagating autonomous modes of art in the darknet, and is continuously including a large number of artists and cultural workers in its creation.

The documentation and the announcement of global #pivilion_dot events are available via the central website, hosted both on clearnet and as a hidden service on the Tor network, while the entire open source system is available via git.

Required hardware:

– Raspberry Pi (& WiFi)
– SD card (8 GB)
– power / battery

The aim of the project is to create a nomadic networked alternative that can connect artists with their (both local and online) communities while providing an active cultural framework; utilizing all the upsides of net tech and the darknet in promoting connectability, privacy and maximum freedom of creating, curating and distributing art.

Pivilion was initiated in 2015, as a collaboration by D. Karadžić and V. Gligo (as part of the G-MKOpen Studio” residency, curated bynet.cube), leading to a fellowship at the first Schlosspost Web Residency – “Decentralization of Internet Art” (’16); “The Artist is Online” exhibition participation (’16); a contribution to the project exhibition (’17); an open repo darknet exhibition shown at the “25th Slavonian Biennale – Borders of visibility” (’17), a nomination for the first “Hash Award 2018 | Virtual Goes Real” (’18) and an Akademie Schloss Solitude Web-based Media Digital Solitude Fellowship (2018–19) involving both authors and numerous collaborators.

Pivilion’s current goal is to distribute and articulate recent notions of media art autonomy, and to interleave with other similar projects.

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DK & VG, April 2019

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