Oh wow, it’s been almost a year since an update… Guess we’ve been busy on different projects – but more Pivilion stuff is on the way – we’ll be visiting Akademie Schloss Solitude (where this project was first conceived) next year and doing a Pivilion-based research in collaboration with multiple international artists.
Right now we’re doing some art on the darknet (because that’s what we do here :)), as part of The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale, collaborating (again) with lots of wonderful artists from around the world, and all of it hosted on Pivilions. 🙂
Be sure to check it out!

“free_art_-_4RCH1V35″ is a distributed IRL/URL/darknet pavilion/embassy @The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale [], present at http://pivilionumi6b3kg.onion/ Nov 1st 2017 – Jan 31st 2018 /&/ self-hosted in the physical form of an exhibition @ Gallery Siva, Nov 3rd – Nov 10th 2017.


◘ Nov 3rd 2017, 21:00CET — “free_art_-_archives” exhibition opening, Gallery Siva (Pierottijeva 11, Zg / Cro)
◘ Nov 5th 2017, 16:00CET — Pivilion workshop (Gallery Siva)
◘ Nov 10th 2017, 21:00CET — Expo finissage & open call to join the distributed “4RCH1V35” pavilion (Gallery Siva & online)


Info on the artists and the pavilion:
Central pavilion (clearnet) preview:

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