Pivilion: ~ co-op ~ [pivilion launch + call for participation]

Pivilion is ready to launch! We finally feel like the project is ready. To celebrate, “Pivilion: ~ co-op~” is joining the selection of “25th Slavonian Biennale, Borders of visibility” at the Museum of Fine Arts, Osijek (Cro)!

The “~ co-op ~” exhibition is the first official expo following the initial release of the project and requires telepresent artists to collaborate in realtime. Artists can upload their work via Tor directly to a Pivilion box placed in the Museum and get it screened on a wall mounted display.

To co-operate as a co-author, follow the simple instructions here; upload your digital visual art; get it displayed on a screen as part of the Biennial; share the #pivilion_coop info; translate this open call.

The expo opens Dec 8th 2016, at 19:00 [CET] and lasts till end of February 2017. At the same time, Pivilion will launch officially on our Gitlab! We invite you to setup your own Pivilions, clone, fork, collaborate, complain and / or ask questions! Stay tuned and have fun! ^^

Museum of Fine Arts working hours [CET]:
Tue, Wed, Fri 10-18 / Thu 10-20 / Weekends 10-13 / Closed during holidays. (Please keep in mind that the Pivilion box in the Museum may be shut down outside working hours.)

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