Pivilion Workshop @ Akademie Schloss Solitude

We are happy to have had a chance to install a workshop session at Akademie Schloss Solitude’s Projectraum Römerstrasse, Feb 15th 2019.

The Pivilion workshop is a free software & new media art workshop based on the idea of utilizing the Raspberry Pi (a multi purposeful low cost, credit-card sized computer) as an autonomous digital arts darknet gallery server.


Participants structured and created own darknet (multi)media galleries, while considering, applying and discussing diverse ethical, aesthetical and technical paradigms and parameters of our digital art’s means of conservation, presentation and distribution. We learned how to prepare an operating system on a SD card, how to install software to a GNU/Linux Debian based system and the basic usage of Git repository hosting services. The sessions will also touch upon the topics of digital media optimization, transcoding, licensing, and structuring digital (or digitized) files in a hypermedia setting.

Our workshop references can be found here: http://pivilionumi6b3kg.onion/w (acessible via Tor only).

Poopative Commons