#pivilion_dot_net @ The Wrong

A collaborative self-hosted distributed IRL/URL/darknet pavilion/embassy organized by Format C @ the third edition of The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale [2019-2020], present @ pivilionumi6b3kg.onion/pavilion (accessible via Tor Browser) & produced by Hacklab01.

Along with being shown online at The Wrong, the pavilion will be exhibited AFK at the SCHEIER Centre, accompanied by a free&open darknet arts workshop.

#pivilion_dot_net is open to applicants throughout 2019-2020: https://formatc.hr/pivilion-2019-oc
Participation in the Pivilion project is continuously open to cultural workers, curators and/or artists. To apply, contact: hello@formatc.hr

More info on the install and the artists: https://formatc.hr/pivilion_dot_net-2019

Poopative Commons