#pivilion_dot_net @ Booksa

Sep 8th 2020 – Dec 31st 2020
BOOKSA LITERARY CLUB, Martićeva 14d, Zagreb

#pivilion_dot_net is a collective digital art exhibition built on top of Pivilion – a network infrastructure project for new media art decentralization. The exhibition is initiated by the Format C artist organization, developed by hacklab01 and has been shown at The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale [2019-20] as well as a local web-based installation at the SCHEIER Centre [Čakovec, 2019].

In 2020 the exhibition is installed as a local wireless network access point, at the Booksa Club [Zagreb, Croatia]. To visit this digital gallery space, one only needs to connect their device to the “pivilion” WiFi network.

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