Idea framework

Pivilion emerged as an extremely logical collab project at a time of extended telepresence opportunity in a time of scarcity in the cultural sector.
(In order to show in a “regular” way, you would need to register, submit and upload your values to the hierarchical nature of the art/net systems and adapt to the existing Terms of use and the paradigms of classical POW.)

While doing our first net themed collab research (powered by net.cube & G-MK) we articulated a (common) necessity to broaden the limits of our
indicated art-void into a factual collaborative non-institutional (self-initiated and ideologically coherent) environment.

As we could notice the standardization of the online social spaces reflect
the rigid institutional hierarchy; well structured but often overregulated and change reluctant – our goal was to enable initiators/initiatives to create own art spaces as truly rhizomatic focal points of freedom of speech and freedom of access to digital or digitalised cultural objects.

Main guidelines for our work were:
building an uncensored network
ensuring freedom of artistic intention
hosting own data (digital or digitalized artwork)
& security through community filtering
de-centralization of content (shifting away focus from responses to content reception and articulation)
reversing misconceptions forged around Tor & illegality of anonimity
propagating cautiosness & cleverness (tech skillfulness also)
empowering individuals in community areas previously unknown to them (darknet)
supporting independent guerilla RL community events (like squatting any wifi w/ an expo)

Apart from the above goals oriented towards art-users, Pivilion aims to
support the community of independent creators – artists, curators and
cultural managers and their own methodologies of displaying ephemeral
collections that may be fringe, nsfw, either mainstream or generaly
unacceptable, or basically outside any known paradigm.
We hope for Pivilion to help art reflect the nature of ideas and accept the
nature of the new media; fluid, free, variable and in the long run
constructive in all of it’s (down or up)sides.


Poopative Commons