Test run – p!R4T3_P0R//0_//4T3R14L

We’re doing a test run tomorrow (March 18th) morning – from ~07:30 ~ 11:50 (GMT +1) from a bus driving from Osijek to Zagreb.

The 10 pieces in this test run mobile exhibition are by Domenico Barra, a (Dirty) New Media Artist based in Napoli (Italy) working with digital media with a major focus on internet culture. http://patreon.com/dombarra /// http://it.linkedin.com/in/dombarra from his project p!R4T3_P0R//0_//4T3R1L.

These are NSFW so be careful while viewing them. The test run exhibition will be open from ~ 07:30 ~ 11:50 in a bus driving from Osijek to Zagreb.

To access it just download Tor browser  and navigate to 

pivilionumi6b3kg.onion (NSFW)

The exhibition may or may not be open after the bus arrives to it’s destination but you can check out Dom’s stuff anytime at 

The online exhibition contains material which maybe be not suitable for children and adolescents.



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